Oh Oh… Organization! Who’s afraid of it?

I know I am!

Let’s face it, for those who, like me, naturally struggle hard to put something right back in the same spot where they picked it up just 5 minutes ago, organization should be spelt arrrghanization. YET, after 30 odd years of blissfull Messyland living, I have to face the truth: arrrghanization is KEY. Especially with a 14 month old. And no, creativity (my excuse for postponing organization) doesn’t stem from disorder. Not necesserily at least. But more on this another time.

Before moving on to the what-I’m doing-about-it part, let me just say that the reason that’s pushing me to get our living spaces organized  is that I need more free time for the things I enjoy the most, including working on this blog.

I started with a couple of lists, which is something I do all the time. I realize this might seem quite odd for someone as disorganized as me, but hopefully I can turn this into a real advantage from now on as it really helps staying focused on the priorities. I concentrated on the kitchen first, as it’s the place that sucks up most of my time and energies. The first list summarized the activities I need to get done everyday and the second the objects that I haven’t used in a while so they could get the treatment they deserve: i.e. bin (or charity).

I have created a ‘Kitchen plan’, with the intention of using it over and over again. I spent some time creating a suitable one on my pc so that now I can just print it out on Sunday evenings, ready to be used during the upcoming week. I have included activities like soaking and fermenting together with the meals plan, as our diet includes lots of foods that undergo this happy treatment. It’s handy to have them on the plan because sometimes I wake up in the morning and realize I forgot to leave our breakfast to soak overnight and that’s not an ideal start to the day!

Click on the image for a better view

As you see, there are lots of blank areas but those are the ones that I fill in every Sunday after deciding what the meals of the week will be. Some boxes are smaller, too (like the ‘Ferments’ ones) because I noticed I only need to write down a couple of items in each of them.

It’s been two weeks now of trialing this new plan and even though it’s very basic, I have to say that after the first few shocking days when I was very tempted to delay or avoid doing something, I’m finding it now really helpful. It not only saves me some thinking, like ‘Oh dear, what on earth am I going to prepare for lunch?”, it leaves me with some more free time on my hands and varied, balanced meals everyday. It’s a thumbs up!

For those who might be interested, you can download (for free of course) and use my plan here: KITCHEN PLAN_Ladilinda

Now, on to the other rooms and areas of my life that need decluttering and organizing! If you have any tips you’d like to share, just drop me a line here in the comments and I will be happy to read them and try them.

lots of organized love



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