Avocado, Almond & Banana Ice Pops with Blackberry Swirl

There are days when ice cream is a nice treat and days when ice cream is… well, simply badly needed!

Blackberry swirl ice popToday is one of those days. The heat has taken a toll on all of us, especially on little Diego, who is irritable and has trouble sleeping and therefore asks for cuddles and nursing all day (and night) long. This is understandable and would be fine if it weren’t I’m in a constant bath of sweat. The Amazon-like humidity makes us turn to the shower for some quick relief more often than not (I say quick, as we try not to waste too much water, even though we’re talking survival here) and having a toddler literally sticking to your skin tends to get uncomfortable after a while.

On the pretty side of things, thanks to some extra tlc, our garden is a continuous source of big fat veggies and fruit: this year our harvest seems to have been blessed by some very kind goddess: abundance and gratefulness are key words here.

Among all of this goodness is a generous blackberry bush (you might have noticed from my instagram… ) and when Diego is not busy making all the ripe ones disappear (only to be found in juicy form on all of his mouth, arms and clothes), I can snatch a few to use in the kitchen.

I have been making lots of icy pops (ice lollies? What’s the difference dear native speakers? I’m lost in translation here) too lately, most of them experiments which turned out good but nothing extra special. That was until yesterday when I finally created the popstar of our icy pops…ta daaaahhh!

ice pops

So, this time, I thought I would share the goodness and, if you like, I can share some of our intense heat too 😉


(makes 4 – about 400ml)


half ripe avocado

1 medium sized very ripe banana

3 tbsp almond butter

2 (or 3, according to taste) tbsp rice malt syrup

1tbsp lemon juice

2 tbsp milk kefir (that’s what I had on hand: goats’ milk kefir. Feel free to substitute with milk of your choice, almond would be nice, or yogurt)

a small handful of blackberries

1tbsp honey/rice malt syrup (I have a very aromatic honey which paired perfectly with the blackberries, again if you’re vegan, you can swap it)

Blend all of the ingredients except from the blackberries and the honey. You should get a very creamy and fluffy consistency. Adjust for sweetness if you wish. In a different bowl, blend the blackberries and honey together. Now you’re ready for pouring/layering the two mixtures into the ice pop moulds. Insert the sticks and if you want use them to mix a bit further the contents, then freeze for a few hours until set. I made them in the evening and had one today. Err… ok, two!

Avocado copia

ice popsice pops



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