“Lovers’ hearts” aka chocolate date and walnut bars with strawberries


I am not the type of person who speaks easily about her feelings and relationships. Not that I am embarassed about it or that there’s something to hide, more simply I just ‘handle’ them as if they were made of rare paper-thin porcelain: too precious and delicate to display them around all the time.

There are of course exceptions like this one here that you’re about to read and the reason I open up this time is because: A– I have been on the verge of bursting lately; B– it happens to be Valentine’s Day and even if we don’t normally celebrate it (but take it as another excellent excuse for whipping up something yum to eat) I’ll just jump on the bandwagon this time.

I feel like celebrating because after almost eight years together, my husband and I couldn’t be happier and more loved up. I won’t say it’s out of mere luck: lucky was our meeting (or predestined?) but maintaining a relationship alive and bubbly takes a lot more than that, it takes effort. Ours, like everyone else’s I guess, was a bit of a rollercoaster for quite some time but over the years we have kept on believing in it and working towards making it stronger and stronger. It’s all a matter of transforming negative energy into positive, of thinking for just two very important seconds before speaking even when too tired or frustrated and, obviously, learning to ‘walk in each other’s shoes’. Listening, speaking out our minds and giving support are key. Forgiving, also. I know, it sounds like anything but romantic, yet this deep connection we have now created is beyond romance, it’s… just plain great! The struggles we’ve been facing lately in our everyday life have only brought us closer (you know just like that old saying… what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger) and we feel like ‘team invincible’ now, so intimately connected, so passionate about each other, our family and our life, the best so far and we know that this is only the beginning. So yeah, you agree this is worth celebrating right?


To do so, I have come up with some super simple, quick and wholesome cookies/bars that have undergone the heart-shaping treatment to give’em a Valentine’s day twist. You can obviously fill your kitchen with hearts and love any day you like and I actually really wish you so 😉

These are also easily turned vegan (just change sweetener) or raw and countless flavour variations are possible just by using different nuts, fruit, spices…

The recipe yields 4 big hearts but I warn you, they are very filling so rather than doubling up the recipe you may want to simply downsize the bites to suit everybody’s appetite(who said heart-shaped dessert is only for couples? give one to anyone you love, whether it be a sister, a friend, your parents, someone who needs some love in his/her life… who doesn’t, anyway?)



Much love to all!


Note about the serving plate: it’s part of a collection created by my super talented friends La Fornacina Keramik Studio, here you can check out their work. My photos unfortunately don’t do it enough justice…



Ricetta in italiano:







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