blHello sunshine and welcome to my place!

“Là di Linda” is the Italian for “There, at Linda’s place” and, you guessed it, I’m Linda.

My place is cozy, rather rustic but cute and you can make yourself at home here and spend some time with me checking out the little wonders of the Everyday. You might catch a whiff of freshly baked sourdough bread or listen to my 14-month-old boy practising cute monologues whilst feeding the chicken on a sunny afternoon, or even walk with us both out into the garden picking raspberries to be consumed way too soon under the shade of our mulberry tree.

Yes, I’m a so called SAHM (Stay At Home Mum) and I’m reaching out to you from a tiny village in North Eastern Italy. I live with my son and husband in the old (but renovated :-p) stables of our little property and working slowly but happily on the major house renovating project. I am passionate about Maria Montessori enlightened approach to education and I have recently got my ONM certificate that makes me a ‘maestra’ to preschoolers, on paper at least (but that might be about to change… more on that when the right time comes).

Why “at home with nature” then? Because that’s what our family values most. We enjoy being in nature, living in resonance with It as much as we can, following the rhythm of the seasons and trying to leave as little an impact as possible on this luscious colourful planet of ours.

Peace, joy and abundance to all of you 🙂



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